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Rapsodo Team Membership


Activate your HITTING 2.0 or PITCHING 2.0 unit with a Rapsodo Team Membership. Your Team Membership unlocks your access to the Diamond App and Rapsodo Cloud. A Team Membership is required to use all Rapsodo Diamond Sports products.

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Rapsodo Team Membership is an annual subscription that gives you the ability to use PITCHING 2.0 and HITTING 2.0. When you become a Rapsodo Team Member, you unlock access to Diamond App, the application that collects all your Rapsodo data, and Cloud, where your data is stored.

The Rapsodo Team Membership was designed to give you access to industry-leading analytics tools that will help accelerate your player development program. Transform player data into actionable insights and drive performance with robust features like Kinematics, Advanced Player Reports and Certified Assessments. Maximize your practice time with the new auto pitch tagging feature and customize your app to ensure the most important data is at your fingertips. Plus, get exclusive product discounts and a dedicated Rapsodo Account Manager to help you get the most out of your Membership. Get your Rapsodo Team Membership today and take your player development program to the next level!

As a Rapsodo Team Member, you will gain access all of the following analytics tools and features:

  • Exclusive Discounts on ALL Rapsodo Diamond Sports Products
  • Unlimited Coach Accounts
  • Unlimited Player Profiles
  • Storage for 10,000 Videos
  • 4 Annual Certification Courses
  • Advanced Rapsodo Hitting & Pitching Reports
  • PDF Exports
  • Rapsodo Diamond App
  • RapScore Player Evaluation Metric
  • Rapsodo Certified Assessments
  • App Customization
  • Auto Pitch Tagging
  • Dedicated Rapsodo Account Manager
  • Kinematics (Coming Soon!)