Rapsodo Baseball Podcast

A bi-weekly podcast with a new episode every other Wednesday

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Seth and BP take you behind the scenes at Rapsodo and welcome guests
from across the baseball world, including MLB players, coaches, and influencers
to talk all things baseball, data and about their journey so far.

About Seth and BP

Seth and BP are two D-III guys coming from Anderson University in Indiana. Both were pitchers for the Raven's during their time at AU. Seth was the first U.S.-based Rapsodo employee with BP coming in second. They are the Rapsodo experts and are passionate about the game. Spend an hour every other week with them on the Rapsodo Baseball Podcast. You'll be sure to hear all of the incredible stories from the very beginning of their journey to where they are today.

Twitter Questions

At the end of each episode we head to Twitter to answer some of your questions! Tag us (@rapsodo) and use the hashtag #RapsodoSquad and your question could be featured.

Rap Up

The Rap Up section allows us to keep our customers informed on what's new at Rapsodo. This is our chance to give you exclusive information on new initiatives & how they come about.

Special Guest

Each episode features a baseball industry professional. Listen for MLB players, coaches, data experts and industry influencers, like staff members from Driveline and USA Baseball.​

"Amazing podcast with some pretty incredible guests. Hearing origin stories and how using Rapsodo and other great baseball technology has just further enhanced how we create programming for our athletes. Proud to have been Rapsodo since day 1 at facilities, Ohio University and now professional baseball! Keep it up boys!"
Avid Listener
"Awesome stories from the startup days! Loved hearing how Rapsodo went from two D-III guys in a shared cubicle to working with all 30 MLB teams. Looking forward to hearing from the players and coaches they work with."
Hawkeyes Baseball Fan