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rapsodo pitching 2.0

Design the Perfect Pitch

Develop a complete pitch arsenal with industry leading data

Get pitch design analysis like never before with Rapsodo PITCHING 2.0. Instant data and video feedback plus pitch tunneling analysis provide the tools players need to develop a complete pitch arsenal.

Baseball pitch tracker for all levels

PITCHING 2.0 is an easy-to-use, portable baseball pitch tracker designed to help create the most effective pitch arsenal using real-time analytics. PITCHING 2.0 uses propriety camera-radar technology you can take anywhere you train. Capture every pitch alongside valuable data metrics that will help your players become the pitchers they want to be.

Build dominating pitch arsenals

Access all the data your PITCHING 2.0 collects with a Rapsodo Team Membership. A Team Membership is required to activate your PITCHING 2.0. In addition to providing access to all of your players data, a Team Membership comes with a full lineup of player development tools including detailed pitching reports, Driveline EDGE Visualizations, Certified Assessments and more.



Rapsodo PITCHING 2.0 is the pitch design and tracking software trusted by the best in the game.