Secure your upgrade to the PRO 2.0 by placing a pre-order today. Available while supplies last. List price (device only) is $3,500 for Hitting OR Pitching, and $4,500 for Hitting AND Pitching. Special pricing available for High School programs. Get In Touch Full amount will be due at the time of shipment. Estimated delivery in June, 2024.
  • The PRO 2.0 is a Baseball-Only Product

  • The Power to Choose: Hitting, Pitching, or Both

  • Pro-Level Data: 20+ Hitting and Pitching Metrics Captured

  • Advanced Accuracy: 2 Cameras + Radars Tracking Full Ball Flight

  • Versatile Views: Basic or Advanced Data Displays

  • Actionable Insights: Instant Video and Data Feedback Every Rep

  • Baseball Simulation: 3D Visualization on a Virtual Field

  • NEW Intuitive App: Easy Set Up Wizard and Faster Processing

  • Play Anywhere: Indoor and Outdoor Use. 6+ Hour Battery Life. Wireless or Hardline.

PRO 2.0 - Upgrade Today
Pro 2.0 The Power to Choose: Hitting, Pitching or Both.
Upgrade Your PRO 2.0 Today!

What you will find in the box

COACH LIKE A PRO. The next generation in baseball flight monitor technology from Rapsodo is here. The Rapsodo PRO 2.0 Ball Flight Monitor is a versatile, user-friendly solution that empowers coaches to see the game differently, unlock player potential, and lead their programs to new heights.

Membership benefits.

Owning a Rapsodo device is just the first step. Adding a Rapsodo Membership is the key that unlocks its power. It provides more than just a wealth of data and video storage - it transforms the data captured into actionable insights. A Rapsodo Membership empowers you to create personalized, data-driven development plans, track player progress, and unleash every athlete's potential.

Exclusive High School Membership Available. Contact for More Info.

Transform How Players Perform.


    Analyze your pitching and swing mechanics instantly with slow motion video plus overlaid metrics. Make data-driven adjustments in real time and get better, faster.


    Train at the ballpark from anywhere you want with an enhanced simulation experience. Explore 3D spray charts and pitch tunnel visuals that bring your metrics to life.


    Achieve your goals and continue to set the bar higher every day. The data doesn't lie. Take pride in your progress, and it will be seen by coaches, teammates, and scouts each step of the way.

The Journey to Mastery is Never Complete.

Hitting and Pitching Data

The PRO 2.0 is a two-way player. Seamlessly switch between the hitting and pitching modes, capture data from the plate and the mound, and generate instant reports for each session.

Basic or Advanced Play Screens

Run more efficient practice sessions by tailoring the data on-screen to fit your coaching style and your players' abilities. Focus on a select few metrics or delve into advanced analytics. It's your call.

Lifetime Stats Database

Get real-time feedback in the app, and access a full suite of data and video from every session on the Rapsodo Cloud. Track player progress made throughout the year and from season-to-season.


Total Spin
True Spin rate
Spin Direction
Gyro Degree
Horizontal Break
Spin Efficiency
Vertical Break
Release Extension
Release Height
Spin Direction
Total Spin
Inbound Pitch
Exit Velocity
Launch Angle
Exit Direction
Horizontal Break
Spin Efficiency
Vertical Break
Release Extension
Release Height
Spin Direction
Total Spin
Inbound Pitch

From data to device and everything in between, Rapsodo PRO 2.0 delivers a complete ecosystem for both coaches and players.

player data
PRO 2.0 gives coaches everywhere access to the Rapsodo Cloud for the immediate, accurate, and robust data and lifetime stats reports they need to track progress and take their players to the pros.
App experience
An all-new, intuitive app that lets coaches see as much or as little data as they choose, and seamlessly switch between Hitting and Pitching modes all in one experience.
pro 2.0 hardware
Meticulously engineered for the best, with the versatility, portability, and ease of use you've been looking for.
Show off your status among the elite and join our network of coaches and players that are changing the future of the game.
The Rapsodo Pro Series lineup is engineered to ensure that every athlete can access world-class training tools. The PRO 2.0 allows you to do more with less. The device is durable, the software is flexible, and the value is unmatched. The PRO 3.0 is our most advanced baseball vision technology yet. It captures additional high-level metrics from the mound and the plate all in the same session. Its power will impress, whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out.
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You’ve got questions?
we’ve got answers.
What is required to operate the PRO 2.0? 

a. An active Rapsodo Membership is required to use the PRO 2.0. 

b. The PRO 2.0 will utilize a new application called ‘Rapsodo Baseball’. An iPad is necessary to connect the PRO 2.0 to the app and record data.

Operating System: iOS 17 or newer 


  • iPad Pro: 3rd generation and newer 
  • iPad Air: 3rd generation and newer 
  • iPad: 8th generation and newer 
What are the criteria for a hit or pitch to be captured by the PRO 2.0? 

a. The PRO 2.0 must be placed 20ft from home plate on flat ground, measured from the front edge of home plate to the front edge of the device’s hitting side. 

b. The PRO 2.0 device has a velocity threshold of roughly 40 MPH for pitching velocity and hitting exit velocity. Therefore, any shot under that speed will not be able to trigger the device consistently to record data. 

c. For pitching sessions, the PRO 2.0 offers mound distances of 45, 50, 54, and 60’ 6”. 

d. In hitting sessions, incoming pitches can be delivered from various distances if the PRO 2.0 has an unobstructed view of the batter. The PRO 2.0 device will sit 20ft from the front edge of home plate to the front edge of the device’s hitting side. We offer hitting session options for tee work, soft toss, Live/BP, and pitching machine. 

What functionality options are available with the PRO 2.0? 

a. The PRO 2.0 allows the user to choose what type of data collection the device can do and pay for it accordingly. The options include: Hitting only, Pitching only, or the ability to capture both Hitting & Pitching data.

b. Please note that an additional license is necessary to activate both sides of the device for Hitting & Pitching. If the original device purchased from Rapsodo was only for a Hitting OR Pitching license, the activation fee will be a $1,000 one-time charge. This can be managed inside the Rapsodo Cloud portal on the brand-new Device Management tab. 

Will the PRO 2.0 work for Softball? 

No, the PRO 2.0 and Rapsodo Baseball app are not compatible with Softball. In the future, we plan to offer a new hardware and software solution specifically for the game of Softball. 

Is there an option to trade-in my current Rapsodo device(s)? 

Yes. Click to learn more about the Pro Series Upgrade Program