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Rapsodo & Driveline Create Official Analytics Partnership

From the beginning of Rapsodo Diamond Sports, we knew we wanted to work with Driveline. Our first official meeting happened at ABCA in 2016. Driveline Founder Kyle Boddy stopped by our booth and tested out our PITCHING 1.0. He wanted to purchase the beta version of our PITCHING 1.0. From this point on they were a validation source for us. Since 2016 we have worked closely with them to ensure we are developing industry leading player development tools. 

Driveline provides data-driven player development program to baseball players. These hitting and pitching training programs are driven by research and consist of constant iteration.

After four years of growth, the two companies are ready to join together in the ultimate analytics partnership. With Driveline’s expertise and world-class analytics tools and our industry leading data, we will provide a complete package to every level of customer. 

What’s the Goal of the Partnership?

We hope this partnership helps both coaches and athletes of all levels better understand and interpret the data provided to them. We understand and acknowledge the barriers coaches face when trying to implement data in their player development programs. Some coaches may struggle with understanding the basics of data, while others are at the stage of trying to understand high level data without having an in-house data department. Regardless of the coach’s experience and background, this partnership will provide tools and resources that will help the entire industry.

What Does the Partnership Entail?

First and foremost, this partnership will have many layers and will continue to grow over time. The main takeaway is our ability to be able to now provide customers our advanced analytics and cloud portal in conjunction with Driveline.

“Integrating Driveline’s world-class player analytics into Rapsodo Cloud eliminates a key point of friction for Rapsodo and Driveline’s customers. You won’t need to go elsewhere to learn more about your pitches, your swing (or those of your athletes),” Mike Rathwell, Driveline CEO, said.

The tools and programming used and developed by their (Driveline) team will live inside the Rapsodo portal giving instant access to analysis and visuals to our cloud users. These added features to the Rapsodo app and Cloud will enhance the user experience. No matter what Cloud level you have, you will have some access to Driveline’s programs like Motus/TRAQ.

“Working alongside the Driveline team has been invaluable for Rapsodo both from a product development standpoint and our ability to deliver industry leading player development tools,” Batuhan Okur, Founder and CEO of Rapsodo, said.

With this partnership, we will have new tiers for our cloud beyond basic and advanced levels. These tiers will be rolled out in depth in the upcoming months.

Rapsodo will now offer 4 Cloud tiers: Basic, Advanced, Advisor, and Pro. The Advisor tier will feature giving the user one-on-one access to a  Driveline advisor, drill suggestions, Driveline’s EDGE visualizations and more.

“Think of Advisor like a really smart volly–collecting data, helping other coaches use it, and providing timely and quality insights on your team’s Rapsodo data. It’s another voice in the data-driven decision-making process, and it’s always available,” Rathwell said.

The Advanced tier will now feature RapScore+, Driveline’s EDGE visualizations, dedicated Rapsodo support, and more in addition to the usual pitching and hitting reports and basic features.

Driveline EDGE

The Rapsodo + Driveline partnership provides coaches and players the total package when it comes to pitching and hitting development.

To find out more about this newly developed partnership, you can read the full press release here.

Read the official press release here